Visual Tag Creator plugin update, v1.3

This week (Nov. 5th) we updated our Visual Tag Creator plugin that is used by many WordPress fashion & lifestyle content sites. Being a creator for fashion and lifestyle content can be very time consuming, we are trying to help save time by giving accurate tags for new blog posts in under a few seconds.

This is where “VTC” plugin comes in. We want to provide fashion and lifestyle publishers and influencers an easy and quick solution to add more descriptive tags to their outfit posts. WordPress is the most popular platform for long form content, so it makes sense for us to provide a solution that meets bloggers needs.

To use, create new post draft as usual, then after the images are uploaded, the publisher selects “Retrieve Tags for this Image”. Our service analyzes the image using our “visual image recognition” process. After process is complete, the tags are automatically inserted into the post.

We are excited to grow this free service and offer to as many publishers in the Fashion & Lifestyle content creation space. To install visit and follow instructions to download plugin there.