Visual Shopping Tools

The online market for fashion has been growing at a staggering pace and with that scale, it is becoming tricky to search for finding that one “perfect” product some shoppers are looking for.

We have three computer vision tools provided to shopping sites and bloggers in helping the shopper find the right product that meets the shoppers needs.

One. Deep analysis of each product in the image. Then find products that match the style.

In this example we searched the coat, then syncs with our product database to show live and in-stock products for the shopper to buy. Image lookup and creation of suggestions is done in under a few seconds.

Two. Instead of looking at a specific item, we can also look at the whole image and find other images that have similar parts. This is mainly done for product detail pages and finding other similar items quickly and at scale for shopping sites with tens of thousands of active SKUs.
This example from our site, – we show other related products. As you can easily tell, it found another item with an extended fabric belt, similar colors, cuff lengths & washes.
We offer a WooCommerce plugin that connects to a store for related images across the whole site. Shopify support coming soon.

Three. Hashtag and product attribute identification. With our VTC (Visual Tag Creator) plugin, when a photo is uploaded to a WordPress site, we give 10 hashtag suggestions that are detected from the image.